How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers with Wildflower Studio

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When you are planning your wedding, one of the most important and exciting parts to sort is your wedding flowers! I have spoken with Wildflower Studio based in West Sussex, an expert in wedding floristry, to bring you this guide on how to choose your wedding flowers!

What’s the most important thing to think about when choosing your wedding florist?

When choosing your wedding florist there are a few important thoughts you need to process. You have to love their style, every florist has different styles which could fit your wedding perfectly. Secondly, you have to put your trust in your florist, choose a florist that makes you feel comfortable and you know will bring your visions to life on your big day.

What’s the advantages to buying wedding flowers from a wedding florist rather than doing them myself?

When buying from a florist for your wedding, you are getting the best quality and service you could receive for your wedding day. We are fully qualified, creative and here to save you stress. We also provide the top grade flowers perfect for the palettes and textures for every design.

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How does the time of year affect what flowers you have for your wedding?

So regards to seasons some flowers can be effected such as peonies, every bride dreams of the luscious fullness of these beauties but they have a very small window of availability which is late May/June. So we would help find a perfect substitute to suit your vision.

Should my flowers match my colour scheme?

It’s your wedding day you can have what you’d like! However, we are here to help guide you with colour palettes so we will do our best to fit your wanted colours but also match your colour scheme as well, for the best outcome for your wedding.

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Can I personalise my bridal bouquet?

Yes, you can personalise to an extent. You can add little touches such as a personal pendant or if you wanted a personal fabric attached we can do this for the extra touches that mean a lot to the bride. We have also had a bride who wanted a paper rose her Grandma made and wanted it included within the middle of the bouquet which we did and it brought happiness to her day.

When do I need to book my wedding flowers?

Ideally we say book your florist within a year to six months before your wedding day. As florists, we can get booked up very quickly and can be in high demand. We can sometimes cater for last minute weddings if we have the date free so it doesn’t hurt to ask for a quote if you are out of that time bracket.

How many buttonholes should I have?

Now this is a question I get asked a lot by my brides, it really depends on the couple. The main priorities for buttonholes is your groom, groomsman and fathers as they are the main part of the wedding party and they have duties during the day and stand out. But some couples do want a buttonhole for the close family as well.

How much do wedding flowers cost? And how much do I need?

This is a very tricky questions to answer as every wedding is different. Prices can differ from the colours chosen to the flowers picked. The best thing to do is come up with a budget you would ideally like to stick with and then meet your florist and discuss options. We are here to help you and can come up with options that could be more within your budget.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing wedding flowers?

Don’t just go with trends. Pick flowers and colours that you love, it’s your wedding and when looking back in your photos you want to be able to look at the flowers and still love them as much as when you received them. We have quite a few brides scared to go with what they would like as they want to please the guests instead but it’s your wedding.

What other things are there to consider?

When asking for quotes, have a rough idea on numbers e.g 2 bouquets, 5 tables etc. As us florists need an idea of how many of each design you are wanting to get a quote together for you. Also have some questions together to ask your florist, it’s always good to have questions you’d like to know such as payment, guide of the day answered before your big day arrives.

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A little about you and your business:

Wildflower Studio is a woman run florist, established in August 2020 based in West Sussex. After 7 years of working for other florists, I decided to start Wildflower Studio to let my style and creativity loose and help bring brides and grooms visions to life on their big day. I love creating new designs with such beautiful colour palettes and textures. My favourite part of a wedding is when we bring the bride her bouquet and see her face light up with happiness and joy. It’s the perfect moment captured to show her gratitude and love of our hard work.

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