5 Hot Tips To Help You Rock Your Engagement Shoot

engagement photoshoot at chapel porth in cornwall

If you just got engaged, massive congrats!!! Your engagement is that short but magical period where you’re just bubbling over with love, excitement and ideas for the future. I highly recommend capturing this special time through an engagement photo shoot – and I’ve got the best tips to help you rock your engagement shoot! 

What is an engagement shoot? Simply, it’s a photo shoot you do together as a couple to commemorate and celebrate your engagement. Not only is it a fun and relaxed way to help get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day, but you’ll also love having casual and memorable photos of yourselves together. Are engagement photography sessions worth it? Absolutely! 

I want you both to absolutely love your photos, so here are five tips to help you rock your engagement shoot – let’s do this! 

1. Match Your Outfits To Your Location

Wondering what to wear to an engagement shoot? Great question! I know couples worry about this because they want to look their best, but my top tip is to try to match your outfits (think vibes, colours, styles) to your location. 

Neutral colours always look amazing and floaty shirts and dresses photograph really well and just look dreamy! If you can, avoid busy patterns or plaids as you and your partner should be the focus of each image, not your outfits! 

When it comes to how to prepare for an engagement shoot, I suggest preparing two outfits and steaming or ironing in advance, so you’re all ready to go on the day of! 

(Btw Pinterest can be an absolute GOD SEND when trying to plan outfits!)

engagement photoshoot in hampshire

2. Be Yourself – Seriously, That’s All You Need To Do! 

I totally get that it can be nerve-wracking when a camera is pointing at you, but all you need to do is be yourself! Instead of worrying about how to relax in front of a camera, try to just enjoy the amazing quality time with your partner during the photo shoot.

Truly, just have fun, be yourself and enjoy the day! I’m there to capture all of those beautiful, silly and romantic moments — but when in doubt, kiss it out! Candid, organic photos come out so much nicer than heavily staged ones, so don’t stress at all about what you’re doing or how you look. That being said, if you’re really struggling I am so happy to help you with ideas on how to pose for your engagement shoot that will look natural and fun. 

couple laughing at cornwall engagement photoshoot

3. Consider Bringing Along Props 

Another fun tip is to think about bringing along some props to the shoot. Feel free to get creative and think about what additions could add a pop of fun or colour to your shoot. 

Props like smoke bombs, prosecco (a spray of bubbly looks so fun in photos!), flowers or umbrellas, if rain is forecast. We can also take those classic engagement ring close-up shots that everyone loves!

Of course, it’s not just props you can bring — I’m over the moon with couples bringing their pets to their engagement shoot. Pups are part of the family, so feel free to bring your four-legged buddy. 

dog on a beach at engagement photoshoot

4. Select A Location That You Love

I know how hard it can be to pick the right location for your photo shoot! I encourage couples to think about a place that has meaning or a place you both really love — maybe where you had your first date, a special memory or just that local park where you always take a morning stroll. 

Or, if you’re not sold on a specific place, just pick somewhere lush and beautiful! Of course, I’m happy to provide guidance — I specialise in engagement photography in Cornwall and can recommend some secret (but gorgeous!) spots where we can shoot. 

couple kissing at cornwall engagement photoshoot

5. Plan An Activity As Part Of Your Engagement Photoshoot

If you’re worried about posing, where to look or what to do during the shoot, it can be a great idea to plan an activity as part of the shoot. That way, you’ll not only have tonnes of fun, but you’ll be distracted and forget that the camera is even there — which means more candid, natural photos that you’ll love! 

As for what activity would be best, anything that you enjoy would be awesome. Toss a frisbee along the beach, plan an afternoon picnic or we can pop into your favourite cafe for an espresso. An activity can really personalise your photos too, adding a bit of who you are as a couple and how you enjoy spending your time. 

With these tips, you’ll be ready to completely smash your engagement shoot! These special photos from the day are truly ones you’ll treasure, so I’m so happy to help you with any questions you might have leading up to our shoot. 

couple walking through a field

As an engagement photographer in South West England, I’m thrilled to work with passionate, gorgeous couples who inspire me every day, so I can’t wait to meet you and help you plan your epic engagement shoot! 

Whether you are newly engaged or you’ve been loved up in your little engagement bubble for a while, there never needs to be an excuse for photos!

You deserve to have some lush memories from every single part of your lovers journey so just pop me a message and let’s get capturing some ever lasting memories of the two of you!

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