How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Photographer For Your Vibe

I know there are oh-so-many decisions to make when planning a wedding, but one of the biggies is figuring out how to pick the perfect wedding photographer. A quick Google search reveals infinite photographers — all uber-talented — so how on earth can you select just one? I get it. You want to tear your hair out just thinking about it all! 

It’s definitely a big decision, but it really helps to narrow it down if you have a clear vision of what you want from your photographer and what styles you love, along with working out your photography budget before you start searching. 

Here’s how to pick the perfect wedding photographer for your vibe, even if you’re feeling totally overwhelmed by the process! 

1. When Choosing A Wedding Photographer, Instagram Is A Massive Help

A great starting place for your search is Instagram since nearly every photographer will have an account where they showcase their work. You can quickly search and find all sorts of photographers, so start looking for someone who offers wedding photography styles that match your vibe.

Are you looking for documentary wedding photography, something super candid or a more formal, traditional style? It’s key to find someone who specialises in what you’re looking for, and Insta can really help with this. 

You’ll also want to browse their website and check out their full gallery to get a better picture of their portfolio and how they operate. For example, if you’re set on natural wedding photography, look for images shot outdoors and with natural light. 

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2. On Your Wedding Day, Your Photographer Will Become Your Bestie – Seriously! 

It sounds obvious, but when working out how to pick a wedding photographer, one of your top considerations is finding someone you’re totally comfortable being around. From the early morning start in the hotel suite to the last dance, your trusty photographer will be with you all day, so find someone who hypes you up, makes you feel awesome and fits in with your personality. 

Of course, as your candid wedding photographer, I promise to be out of the way as much as possible, letting you enjoy the day without me bothering you too much! 

3. Look Through Reviews

There’s no getting around the fact that wedding photography is a big investment and I really want you to spend wisely, finding someone who you love who can offer you value and quality work.

To that end, it helps to read reviews online to get a feel for what others had to say about working with that photographer. You can also ask your potential photographer if they can provide references from previous couples they’ve worked with — any photographer worth their salt will be happy to oblige! 

I’m also an LGBTQi+ wedding photographer so I’m also happy to share testimonials from othe​​r LGBTQi+ couples I’ve worked with, as I know how important it is to find someone who’s respectful and understanding.  

4. Get To Know Them Before Making A Final Decision

As your friendly wedding photographer, one thing I’ve learned over the years is that meeting ahead of time makes a world of difference! If you’re on the fence about who to hire, it’s great to join them for a coffee (or wine!) or schedule a Zoom chat to get to know each other. 

Ask plenty of questions, get a feel for what they’re all about and spend some time together — not only will this make it easier to decide if a photographer is right for you, but getting to know them ahead of your big day means you’ll feel much more at ease during your wedding since you won’t be strangers! 

5. If Your Photographer Gets All Your Jokes, It’s Meant To Be! 

Ok, if you’re all laughing at the same jokes, then you’ve 110% found the perfect wedding photographer! But seriously, my final tip is to trust your instinct and find someone who just feels ‘right’ for you. 

Can you see yourself sharing your wedding day with this person? Do you feel relaxed around them, can open up and be yourself? If so, score! You’ve found the right wedding photographer and should probably lock them in asap. 

I hope these tips make the hiring process a little easier for you! As a photojournalistic wedding photographer in South West England, I really appreciate how important it is to find someone you love, which is why I’m always here for a phone call, email, or chat with any questions about working together. There’s nothing I love more than love — other than taking photos of course — so I’d be over the moon to hear from you and chat all things weddings!

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